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RED LINE CITY is available for purchase

Our second full-length album, Red Line City, is available everywhere digitally on April 18, 2020.

If you're looking for physical media, we have CDs and vinyl LPs for sale, plus a few other items.

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Nick & Ted


ExactlyNo are a Minneapolis-based rock band focused on crafting a big, dynamic sound, despite having only two members.  Drummer Nick Larsen unleashes thunderous rhythms with explosive energy, giving each song a solid backbone. Using a less-than-conventional guitar rig, Ted Anderson pumps out roaring guitar/bass riffs and engaging melodies.  Anderson also provides vocals with rough-hewn authenticity, exploring lyrical territory that blends vulnerable self-awareness with the hard-earned wisdom of becoming a strong individual in the modern world.

The second full-length album from ExactlyNo, Red Line City, is available April 18, 2020.

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